Since 1983, our mission has been to produce custom roll-formed products to build long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients and our employees. Road-safety barriers, photovoltaic systems and dry-wall systems are only a few applications that show our potential. We are committed to offering top-notch  products, high-quality customer service and a positive working environment. We have adapted our company through the years to meet customers’ needs, developing solid knowledge and problem-solving skills which we put to use for our clients. We are not suppliers. We are partners.

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Metallurgica S. A. & F. is a metalworking company producing standard and custom roll forming profiles, roll forming parts and the entire machine.

Our knowledge and experience has been forged out of 35 years of steel roll forming. From the beginning we understand the importance of producing the machines ourselves in order to avoid repair costs that could have led to an additional cost for our clients. So we perfected the ability of providing the assistance of in-house repairs. Improving the equipment is vital for Metallurgica as well as constantly training our employees .

Our experienced team is confident in the ability to produce any kind of design for a wide range of industries. We offer a good flexibility with more than 20 production lines up to 25 passes, pre-cut, or post-cut. According to customer drawings we can add features to the cross section including punching, notching, embossing, stamping, and welding.

We supply steel building components, road safety barriers, photovoltaic systems, dry wall profiles, conduits, carports and any kind of systems based on customers specifications with the best quality at a reasonable and competitive price.

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